Every year thousands are without proper heating or cooling for their homes/businesses. Are you looking for reliable 24-hour service and maintenance? At Comfort Controllers, we are your knight in shining armor. Serving Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, we have over 25 years of hands-on experience. Keeping your heating and cooling in tiptop shape is our number one priority. Comfort Controllers offer brand new A/C units as well as maintaining your furnace. Central air conditioning provides lower monthly costs while keeping your home/business comfortable through the summer. We know how to set up the A/C unit correctly for ultimate performance. Inspections and pre-season maintenance are vital to keeping everything running smoothly. Inspections dive deep into your heating and cooling systems. Our HVAC technicians check the calibration, fans, and electrical system. Inspections also are essential before you buy or sell your home/business. Preseason maintenance allows for cleaning and basic technical problems. At Comfort Controllers, we can repair your furnace or replace your water heater. During the inspection/pre-season maintenance, we will give you a complete write-up if you need to fix or replace anything. We offer a couple of packages, such as the furnace tune-up program, which includes replacing and oiling existing parts. Join our maintenance customer package and receive seasonal preservation, 10% off any service, as well as first priority scheduling. Come check out our webpage at Comfort Controllers or call us at (215) 987-6692. We are available for emergencies. We will come out anytime and get you running again. Our commitment is your guarantee!